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The Exciting World of Gymnastics as it enhances young ballet and ballroom dancers

Let us tell you about the wonderful world of Gymnastics! Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and constructive program that combines gymnastics and dance training to students three years and older. Our curriculum was founded for young people who enjoy participating in gymnastics and dance recitals and exhibitions for appreciative audiences. We aim to develop well-rounded gymnasts through body discipline, repetition, basic fundamentals, and the introduction of new skills. We hope to instill within our students a sincere love for this beautiful, fascinating, extremely rewarding sport. Many of our young dancers combine gymnastic training into their preparation.

Our Staff is extremely qualified, and our Coaches are very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and intuitive to the emotional needs and physical development of busy and pressured young people today. We promise to do our best to give your child the finest training possible.

The Tiny Tots and Youth Curriculum

We feel Gymnastics training is a very important part of growing up! It integrates with children's many physical and intellectual activities. Gymnastics is to all sports what scales are to music. We are pleased and proud to offer a very special Tiny Tots and Youth Program in which your child will be professionally introduced to the basic training required in all sports and physical activities, and ours is a most enjoyable a constructive curriculum of introduction to discipline and dedication.

Our classes are very carefully supervised by a caring and professional staff. The student-teacher ratio is seven to one or better. Our basic instruction builds strong bodies while we teach gymnastics on a level easily understandable to small children. We challenge tiny imaginations while presenting our instructional program in a situation that is calm, free of pressure, and always nurturing.

We take our pupils through small maximums of repetitions relative to concentration spans, and on into more demanding skill tasks. We explore depth perception, hand/eye and foot/eye inverted orientation, lateral awareness, action/reaction, and general co-ordination.

Our goal as professional educators is to heighten total body intuition in each child, and in doing so, develop each child's full potential ensuring that the mind and body function perfectly together.

Tiny Tots (3-5 years old) combination with Ballet Program

Tues and Thurs


Youth (6+ years) combination with Ballet/Ballroom Program

Tues and Thurs


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