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We offer preparation for following tests (you can click on the link below for more information):

Why Test Prep?

Most of your competition (yes, your competition for private school/college admissions!) will come to the tests fully prepared. Shouldn't you? Let's face it, students who prepare for testing achieve significantly better results than those who go in cold, and "wing it". And A+ Educational Centers has over 30 years of experience preparing students for most standardized tests. We teach test-taking skills and strategies, and provide the student with real-life test-taking experience, by providing full-length practice tests. By analyzing the student's strengths and weaknesses we can accurately predict their results on the actual test. And, by eliminating the weaknesses using a focused personalized approach, our professional instructors can usually elevate the scores way beyond the levels afforded by "canned" franchise tutoring programs or "college student neighbor who can do it cheap!" Your test results can make a crucial difference in your private school/college admissions process. Why take chances with your future?

What we offer:

Test Preparation Seminars

In our A+ Weekend Test Preparation Seminars and Individualized Test Preparation Programs students are taught vocabulary, comprehension, analysis and logical thinking, mathematical and writing skills. To reach their optimum potential, students are provided with techniques to relieve anxiety that occurs when taking these tests. Extensive practice with actual exams is an integral part of these courses.

Mock Exams

As part of our A+ Weekend Small Group Test Preparation Seminars and our Individual Preparation Courses, students take actual exam sections to find out your scores before the schools do!

  • Take a simulated, timed exam!
  • Get an advance peek at your results without having your scores go on your record!
  • Discover the exact format, timing and question types on your exam!
  • Take the fear out of test-taking and lower your test-anxiety in a supportive environment!
  • Only you, and your parents, will get your results!

Review Sessions to grade your tests and learn from your mistakes to discover specific strategies that improve scores

As part of our A+ Weekend Small Group Test Preparation Seminars and our Individual Preparation Courses students learn firsthand how tests are scored and what the admission counselors look for in your exams!

  • Find out your specific strengths and weaknesses!
  • Formulate your own study plan!
  • Learn strategies and get hints on how to score your best!
  • Improve your score tremendously just by coming to your own private review session!

Educational Check Up/Testing!

Now you can test your child for school readiness and/or grade readiness! This evaluation is widely selected by our parents because it serves as an excellent tool for measuring academic ability. Find out how your child compares to others in the same grade/age level category based on testing (both standardized, free response and observation) that provides detailed evaluation of areas tested such as: mathematics, verbal ability, critical reasoning, quantitative ability, reading comprehension or performing arts areas such as music, dance or voice. Evaluation is done in a pleasant, non-competitive setting and results are confidential. A student-parent consultation reviewing all test results along with any recommendations for the future completes this thorough evaluation.

Includes: Two hours of: 1-on-1 testing and review session to discuss test results (scheduled at your convenience either in our office or by phone), interpretation of your scores/family consultation.

You can try this service for ONLY $295 with no strings attached. Payment is easy. So you have nothing to lose!

1) Select the Test Preparation services you would like: Check Up, Weekend Small Group Prep 8 hours (DISCOUNTED) or Individualized Prep 12 hours (DISCOUNTED).

2) Make a secure payment.

3) Give A+ a call to schedule your Test Prep sessions/Get a Schedule and we will help you EXCEL!

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